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        Grate Fires was founded by Gary R. Craven in Athens, Georgia in 1993. We first began importing the English Gas Coal Fires but soon realized the need for CSA Certified gas coal fires for the US and Canadian markets. Searching for antique grates and surrounds to be produced exclusively for Grate Fires, we began to put together a product line of decorative grates and accessories. The company is currently operated out of Historic Washington, Georgia.


        The fireplace has long been regarded as the focal point for any home, and in the late 1800's, coal fires were the height of fashion. Even today, these units add an unmatched elegance to virtually any space.

        These timeless gas coal fireplaces are often found in the finest homes, castles, palaces, and  centuries-old public houses among Great Britain, the US, and Canada. 

They are easy to install and can be uninstalled and taken with you, should you decide to move.


Special features

Easy to operate controls
The pilot position on the control panel makes

lighting your fireplace quick and easy. 

All control knobs are concealed by a decorative cover plate.

An optional remote with a wall switch

These are offered with all available units.

The very latest in flame supervision devices

We personally test each and every unit we make to ensure your fireplace is operating safely.

A preventative device (installed on every unit) will automatically turn off your fireplace if at any point it detects excess emissions. 

A Piezo Spark Igniter 

This gives you an instant response when lighting your unit.

        Safety is assured with our CSA certified burners and Zero Clearance Fireboxes. We offer both vented and ventfree units for new construction as well as for use in existing fireplaces.

Not sure what you're looking for? Give us a call! 

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(Please see our Gallery for detailed pictures.) 

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