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Featured Fires

The historic Robert Toombs house

Nestled in the historic town of Washington, Georgia, you will find the home of Robert Toombs. He was a state legislator, U.S. Congressman, and Senator during the mid-to-late 1800s. It was built by a doctor  sometime between 1794 and 1801, and was acquired by Toombs in 1837.  Even now, the beautiful home has been maintained as if it has been frozen in time.

 Our classic Victorian grate can be seen here, in the home's original firebox. 

The Evans grate

 Our Evans grate is one of our most popular.

It is widely known and loved for its sophisticated design, as you can see featured here in this clients home.

The Ashbery (ventfree)

Our Ashbery grate is the sister of our Evans grate.

Featuring the same elegant design as the Evans, the Ashbery is available as a ventfree alternative for homes that do not have a safe, working flue

The Regency front

The Regency is stunning with its historically inspired design. This unit was ordered as a "Regency front", which includes a front grate and burner. However, we do offer a complete Regency basket that features a breathtaking sun burst pattern.

Here, the Regency Front is seen in another room in the Robert Toombs home.

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