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The Evans Basket


This simple and elegant grate is an authentic late Nineteenth Century reproduction found in a Georgia Victorian Cottage and was manufactured exclusively for Grate Fires.


The Evans Basket is made of cast iron with satin black finish. This grate is also utilized with our ventfree, The Ashbery.

The Regency Basket


Temporarily out of stock. 


The Regency Basket combines a slight curve in the center of the fire front, flanked by pillars with solid stepped feet and brass finials adorning each tower.

The fireback features a Victorian sunburst design.


There are two basket sizes, 19" w & 16" w available. The Regency can also be used as a "front only" in cases where the fireplace depth is too shallow to allow for the basket. This would include the front piece with coverplate.

Also available in ventfree.

Cadiz Website pic.jpg
The 21" Cadiz Basket


The Cadiz 21 inch has soft curves featured on the ribbed sides of this basket with contrasting brass legs. The ornate fireback has a very Victorian design and is 18.5 inches high.

Also available in ventfree.

The Victorian Basket


Temporarily out of stock.


The Victorian Basket suggests an American Victorian look using an embossed sunburst design on the 16.75" high fireback. The elegant front cover plate has ribbed sides and is finished with a brass knob.


Also available in ventfree.

The Fleur-de-lys Basket


Temporarily out of stock.


This Ribbed basket design is a replica of a grate found in New Orleans, Louisiana. The 17.75" high fireback is highlighted by an elegant raised Fleur-de-Lys design.


Also available in ventfree.

The Wild Rose Stove

The Wild Rose Stove is designed after an original antique coal burning stove found in rural Georgia. 

This cast iron stove can be used to burn actual coal or small pieces of wood.  

wild rose 3.jpg

Measurements (Pending)

Zero Clearance Firebox

Vented and Ventfree

Our Zero Clearance Fireboxes are available in both vented and ventfree. Our fireboxes allow you to install a fireplace in virtually any room in your home. Contact your local licensed contractor and they will help you decide which unit is right for your application.

Vented or Ventfree?

Our vented grates are perfect for homes that already have a firebox built in. They work to vent emissions through your chimney and function as a normal fireplace does.

Our ventfree grates are a wonderful option for homes that do not have a prebuilt chimney, or have one that is not in safe or working order. Although you can use the ventfree in a working flue, it is not required.


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